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About Egress

Egress Solutions, Inc. is a family owned and operated business.
You deal directly with the owner Mark Shafer.

Mark has been in the home building and remodeling business in Michigan for over 25 years. In 2003 he began specializing in the complete installation of Basement Egress Window Systems.

We believe that making your home safe and comfortable is a high priority. Many families use their basement for living, playing, entertaining, working and sleeping.

More than ever is the need to have an emergency exit such as an egress window system installed in your basement, and now it’s the code. The Michigan Residential Code requires every basement with any living space, not just bedrooms, to have a means for emergency escape directly to the outside of the house.

Having children of our own, we know the importance of teaching them how to escape their home in case of a fire as quickly as possible. We practiced opening each door and window, climbing out, locating the meeting place outside and how to get help. We told them never to go back inside for anything!Most importantly they practiced getting out of every room - two ways. Have you practiced getting out of your basement if the stairway is blocked by a fire? Where is your second way out?

Our basement has 5 ways to exit directly outside - 2 doors and 3 windows. Most basements have no way to get directly outside. The only way out is to go up the stairs and find the closest exit - if the stairway isn’t blocked by fire.

Egress means: a way out; exit. Can your loved ones get out of your basement in a fire? You can’t always see an accident coming, but you can control the means of escaping.


Don’t fear! Give your family a fighting chance
Call Mark Shafer at Egress Solutions & install your egress window system today